Why Newsletters?


Newsletters have become one of the biggest success stories for realtors because they work. There's no better way to get a prospect to spend a few good minutes considering your offer than with a well-designed newsletter. Consider:

  • A four-page newsletter has as much space as a full-page newspaper ad.
  • If prospects only skim through it each month, it means they're searching for information.
  • A newsletter lets you present prospects with solutions to problems and information they need every day.

  • Sending a newsletter is the easiest way to keep your name, address, and phone number in front of your prospects.

  • Even prospects who don't need your offer can pass it along to a friend who does…that amounts to an endorsement.

Newsletters allow you to build up a useful "frequency" with your prospects. Few people do anything on the first request…especially if it involves money. Your newsletter's monthly arrival proves to them that you're reliable over the long haul. We have customers who have been sending them for 20 - 25 years.

Newsletters let you control the "reach" of your marketing…as few or as many as you wish. (The postal service insists that 250 be sent as a minimum to qualify for standard mail, so that's our minimum order size).

Here's what others say about newsletters:

"It's very user-friendly… my picture and phone number develop credibility without pounding my clients and prospects repeatedly with a million phone calls or letters."

"It creates enough interest that people will call me and say, 'I received your newsletter and…', then they usually tell me about their situation."

"I'm positioning myself as a trusted advisor with everyone who gets my newsletter and I'm doing it in a way that doesn't threaten or intimidate them. When someone I've never met receives my newsletter and then calls me for advice, I know it's working."

That's the essence of it. Newsletters work. You read them, we all read them. Your prospects and clients will read them, and you'll build loyalty, and referrals. Don't wait any longer. Order now.



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