Successful businesses know when to use
             advertising and when to use marketing.


The Fact

The first step to gain market share is to gain mind share. Attitude and awareness have to change in your favor, to do this it takes a consistent series of touches that are welcomed and position you positively.

The process of a prospect adopting is called situational involvement, they have to be in a situation of need before they want to discuss the service. That presents major challenges to getting new business. Incorrect positioning is why most marketing fails.

The Problem

Unless people are ready to buy or sell their homes, they see personal contact and advertisements in their mail as unwanted interruptions.

In order to gain a homeowner's business, they have to feel comfortable with a realtor. They have to trust that you will be the one to help them.

The Solution

A consistent program to a given area or prospect base building a relationship until the situation of need occurs. To, over time, become the company they recognize as selling their area and the one they would choose if they needed service.

The Product

Handi-Hints is called the good newsletter for good reason. It’s a four-page, two-color collection of positive, interesting tidbits that people enjoy reading during their idle moments. Handi-Hints is different, and Handi-Hints can help make you different. Handi-Hints is a proven monthly newsletter that appeals to home owners. A recipe here, a cleaning tip there, some gardening ideas and money-saving hints everywhere. It is a warm fuzzy read that looks like it came from you. You get a half-page on the front cover to present your message... a persuasive monthly reminder that you’re thinking about them, and they should be thinking about you when it’s time. There’s nothing like it to set you apart from the other guys.

• Handi-Hints is part of a successful system of agent marketing

1. Pick an area and start mailing Handi-Hints to the homes there. Your name and picture arrive each month printed on the Handi-Hints newsletter. (We can mail for you.)

2. When you have a client in that area, visit the nearby houses, introduce yourself and let them know you’ll be working in that area. Ask for names of potential buyers. You’ll begin to have people recognize you from receiving Handi-Hints. Every time they see your company name they will remember your visit and think of you.

• Handi-Hints is designed to help sell you to your prospects

We don’t run field-related articles, because most people aren’t in that market today and wouldn’t take the time to read it... a waste of your money. We capture readers’ attention for a few minutes with general interest material. That gives them time to become familiar with your picture and your name. They never tire of seeing it arrive... month after month.

• For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can have your prospects and customers sit down with you for 10 minutes each month.

You can mail or hand-deliver (as low as 42 a copy) or we can do it all for you for 84 postage included. Place several on a counter in the front office. "The best place to get new business is from your old customers."

You know that regular contact with people gets you business. And, an effective, affordable newsletter is a great way to maintain that contact.

There’s no better way to demonstrate that dedication to professionalism and longevity are keys to success in the business.

Start sending the good newsletter today...

Don’t delay. Call right now... to show our dedication we will give the first month free with a paid second month.



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