Follow the steps in this plan for a better year in Real Estate...


For over 30 years we have been helping realtors. We have subscribers all over the country, and we’ve asked many of them how to make the best use of Handi-Hints. Here is a distilled version of some of the best tips for getting the most out of your investment.

Handi-Hints is called the good newsletter for good reason. It’s a four-page, two-color collection of positive, interesting tidbits that people enjoy reading during their idle moments. Handi-Hints is different, and Handi-Hints can help make you different.

When you use Handi-Hints, you’re really getting a complete plan for listing and selling property.

Here’s what successful agents tell us:

1. Pick an active farm area and start mailing (or delivering) Handi-Hints to the homes there. Your name and picture arrive each month printed on the Handi-Hints newsletter. Remember to include your past customers, and people in your sphere of influence.

2. When there is a listing in that farm area, visit the nearby houses, introduce yourself and let them know you’ll be working to sell the listed house. It’s a great way to meet your next client. Ask for names of potential buyers. Give them "first chance" to pick their new neighbors. People will connect you, your For Sale sign and Handi-Hints. Each time they see your sign they will be reminded that they know you and that you are selling real estate in the neighborhood.

3. When you sell the home, visit the neighbors again, with the name of the new occupants (don’t forget the ages of the kids). More people will recognize you from the newsletters. Remind them that you’ve found several buyers interested in this neighborhood, should they know of a seller. Give a copy to the buyer and seller at closing, and promise a "year’s subscription".

4. You’ll find that you’re building relationships faster than ever. Handi-Hints is designed to help sell real estate agents to their prospects. We don’t run "real estate" articles, because most people aren’t in that market today and wouldn’t take the time to read it...a waste of your money. We capture readers’ attention for a few minutes with general interest material, presented in a comfortable format. That gives them time to become familiar with your picture and your name. They never tire of seeing it arrive...month after month after month.

In addition, we are now providing some extra tools to make your job just that much easier. "Listed" and "Sold" postcards and doorhangers are available at very low cost. Each item carries the Handi-Hints logo, to reinforce your year-round presence to your farm area.

Each of these elements becomes more important and more effective when used in conjunction with each of the other elements.

We hope you can use these tips on the different ways to use the Handi-Hints selling system, and we hope you have a great year!



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