Farming can be a lot easier
                    for your agents who use Handi-Hints


For over 40 years, experienced agents have been using Homeowners’s Handi-Hints as a tool to make themselves known to their community and help them get more listings and sales.

You could help your agents stay ahead of the competition and be more successful by recommending they consider using a newsletter such as Handi-Hints in their personal promotion efforts.

Handi-Hints is used all over the country as part of an agent’s total marketing package.

When an agent puts up a For Sale sign, neighbors recognize the name from the monthly newsletters. When the agent calls to introduce the new neighbor, the agent is recognized from their picture on the newsletter. The bond is already there.

We have agents who have purchased Handi-Hints for years, and hand-deliver it in their neighborhoods. Talk about getting to know the territory!

Lots of others are so busy doing business, that they have us handle their database. We print, label, bundle and mail their copies every month.

Help your agents pick a neighborhood where the average house turns over every three to five years. You want as much activity as you can get.

Start with just a few hundred copies each month. Frequency is the most important thing.

Then do all the things you’ve learned. Use yard signs and just-listed and just-sold doorhangers (better to ring the bell and meet the neighbors...they could be in the market soon, or know someone wanting to move to the area.)

You’ll be surprised how quickly your newsletter can make you known and appreciated in the target area.

Handi-Hints is designed to be easy to read. We print it in 2-color to give it a friendly appeal. Four color is fine for business communications, but it would cost more, and it could be seen as "too slick" by readers.

The object is to get into the home, and be read by the homeowner on a regular basis. If you think of the Sunday supplement magazines and compare them to the front page, you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about.

The good newsletter

Our editorial policy is always positive. We want to help people with a little something they can use in their daily business. By doing that, your agent becomes a friend of the family. Not pushy. Not intrusive. But, helpful.

And when the decision comes to buy or sell a home, it’s a good bet who’ll get the call.

We point out to our friends that we don’t sell real estate. That’s your job. We help sell real estate agents. And there really is a difference.

Flexible price plans

You and your agents will be pleased with the low prices for Handi-Hints newsletters.

We also provide maximum flexibility for our subscribers.

For the agents who are just starting out, they can order as few as 250 copies of Handi-Hints for 45 each. We charge $10.00 for UPS shipping for the first 200, and $2.00 for each additional 100 newsletters. That’s only $124.50 a month.

And for long-time, established agents who are too busy for the labelling and folding, our full service costs only 84 each. It includes:

Address correction    •   Labelling   •   Barcoding   •    Postage

Simple and effective

Take a few moments and talk with your agents about the importance of getting to be known and accepted in their target communities. Let them know that newsletters are one of the easiest and most effective ways agents can differentiate themselves from the competition.

We’d be pleased to send your agents a packet of information, including some samples of recent editions of Handi-Hints.

Just call and give us the names and we’ll send them out in the evening mail.

You might order a subscription for your own farm. Lots of brokers keep a stack at the front desk, too. You could also use them as oversized business cards.

Call us. Start sending the good newsletter today.



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